The Greek word “diastrepho”

Limited to Mt. 17:17; Lk. 9:41; 23:2; Acts 13:8, 10; 20:30; Phil. 2:15, the Greek verb “diastrepho” meant “perverse,” “pervert,” “seduce,” “turn away,” “corrupt.”

Jesus said His generation was “perverse” (Mt. 17:17; Lk. 9:41).  Shortly before being crucified, Jesus was accused of “perverting” (misleading) the Jewish nation (Lk. 23:2).  Some leaders teach “perverse” things to gain disciples (Acts 20:30).   The right ways of the Lord may be “perverted” by men (Acts 13:10).  Non-Christians may attempt to “turn away” (lead astray) others from learning the gospel (Acts 13:8).  Christians often live in a “perverse” environment (Phil. 2:15).