The Greek word “dunatos”

Found 33 times in the New Testament, the Greek adjective “dunatos” meant “possible,” “strong,” “powerful,” “capable,” “mighty,” “having power.”

Jesus said all things are “possible” with God (Mt. 19:26).  Jesus asked if it were “possible” for Him to avoid the pain of the cross (Mt. 26:39; Mk. 14:35).  Jesus was regarded as someone who was “mighty” in word and deed (Lk. 24:19).  It was not “possible” for death to keep Jesus (Acts 2:24).  It is possible to be “mighty” in the Scriptures (Acts 18:24).  If it is “possible” (Rom. 12:18), live peaceably with all men.  Those who are “strong” in the faith need to help the weak (Rom. 15:1).