First Corinthians Commentary

Bible commentary on First Corinthians

Free on line Bible commentary for First Corinthians:

Bible commentary on First Corinthians:

This new First Corinthians commentary is available!  It is more than 800 pages long and has more than 50 charts and special studies, some of which are listed below.  This First Corinthians commentary may be purchased through PayPayl or downloaded for free chapter-by-chapter with the links below.

First Corinthians Commentary

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Special studies in this First Corinthians commentary include:

1. Two types of converts (p. 75)
2. Similarities and dissimilarities between the Lord’s Supper and the Passover (p. 116)
3. Things accomplished by baptism (p. 141)
4. The Holy Spirit uses the gospel to convert people (p. 142)
5. America’s “Christian foundation” (pp. 158-167)
6. Natural versus supernatural gifts (p. 172)
7. Is it sinful for a Christian to marry a non-Christian? (p. 207)
8. An overview of the occult and demon possession (pp. 215-216)
9. What about celebrating days like Halloween? (pp. 220-221)
10. Earthly athletic games and the Christian faith (p. 252)
11. Similarities between the nation of Israel and the New Testament church (pp. 255, 257)
12. Some thoughts on temptation (pp. 276-277)
13. An introduction to the Lord’s Supper (the Communion) (p. 279)
14. Knowing and following the pattern found in the New Testament (p. 299)
15. An overview of the “head covering” (veil) issue (pp. 299-300)
16. Is it necessary for women to wear a “head covering” (veil) today? (pp. 300-302)
17. Reasons to believe head coverings (veils) were cultural (pp. 302-303)
18. What about Catholic traditions? (pp. 304-305)
19. The Godhead (pp. 305-308)
20. Some of the ways men and women are equal (pp. 308-309)
21. Women who want to act like men (pp. 309-310)
22. Additional matters related to men, male headship and a woman’s role (pp. 311-313)
23. What was the head covering (veil)? (pp. 315-316)
24. Head coverings (veils) and modern society (pp. 316-317)
25. Questions and answers about Sunday and the Lord’s Supper (pp. 340-346)
26. The observance of Bible feasts (p. 346)
27. Introduction to 11:22 and eating in a church building (pp. 349-351)
28. An overview of worship (pp. 376-382)
29. Key passages on gifts (p. 389)
30. New Testament Christianity versus denominationalism (p. 406)
31. Holy Spirit baptism or water baptism? (pp. 409-411)
32. 20 reasons to reject the modern claims of Pentecostalism (pp. 412-413)
33. A special study on tongue speaking (pp. 432-437)
34. What a doctor said about Agape love (p. 446)
35. The “in part” versus “the perfect” in 1 Cor. 13 (pp. 468-472)
36. Modern claims versus the New Testament gift of tongues (pp. 481-483)
37. Christians are to sing (pp. 495-496)
38. A study of Calvinism (pp. 57-61, 503-505)
39. A summary of the Corinthian assemblies (p. 528)
40. Using female translators (pp. 531-532)
41. The things God uses to save, justify and forgive man of sin (pp. 540-541)
42. A simple way to illustrate Rom. 6:1-4Rom. 6:1-4
English: American Standard Version (1901) - ASV

6 1 What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? 2 God forbid. We who died to sin, how shall we any longer live therein? 3 Or are ye ignorant that all we who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? 4 We were buried therefore with him through baptism unto death: that like as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we also might walk in newness of life.

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(p. 543)
43. A special study on the resurrection of Jesus Christ (pp. 549-557)
44. Premillennialism versus the Bible (p. 571)
45. The contrast between the preresurrection and the postresurrection body (pp. 593-594)
46. 9 New Testament words to describe the “great collection” (pp. 608-609)
47. The “Sabbath day” versus the “Lord’s Day” (p. 609)
48. Additional thoughts on Christian giving and the Sunday collection (pp. 613-615)
49. A church treasury, “special contributions,” and  “the proper use of church funds” (pp. 615-616)
50. An overview of New Testament Christianity (pp. 628-635)


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