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Everlasting life and eternal life

  One of the most amazing teachings in the Bible is that which involves the idea of “eternity.”  In the Old Testament there are various verses that affirm that God is eternal (Deut. 33:27; Ps. 10:16).  By saying that God is eternal the Old Testament authors mean God has no beginning and no end.  In addition to God being eternal, His word is also eternal (Ps. 119:89).  We also learn from the Old Testament that God’s protection is eternal (Ps. 12:7), as are His plans (Ps. 33:11), the inheritance that will be received by the saved (Ps. 37:18), God’s rule (Ps. 66:7), His covenants with mankind (Ps. 105:8), and God’s statues (Ps. 119:111).   

   Today when people think about eternal things what really interests them is “eternal life.”  The concept of eternal life can be found in the Old Testament, but it is especially prominent in the New Testament.  One of the first things we hear form Jesus during His earthly ministry was information about eternal life (Jn. 3:15-16, 36).  When Jesus dealt with the Samaritan woman He also spoke about having eternal life (Jn. 4:14, 36).  Jesus spoke again about eternal life in Jn. 5:24 and Jn. 5:39.  Man needs to pay attention to his physical needs, but he must also focus on the things beyond this life (eternity and eternal life) for the things of this life are temporary (Jn. 6:27).  When teaching about everlasting or eternal life Jesus taught that the “punishment” experienced by the unsaved will last just as long as the “life” that is experienced by the righteous (Mt. 25:46).  Everlasting life is so important our obtaining of it needs to be put above the things in this life, including our families (Mk. 10:29-30). 

   Some have little interest in eternal life during their earthly existence and in these cases the Bible says that we should turn to others and share the news about everlasting life with them (Acts 13:46-47).  God wants all people to have life everlasting and this eternal life comes through Jesus Christ (Rom. 5:21).  The wages of sin is death (Rom. 6:23), but God’s gift to man is “eternal life through Christ Jesus the Lord.”  Before people can have eternal (everlasting life), their bodies will need to be changed (1 Cor. 15:53).  Our current state “dissolves” in death (2 Cor. 5:1), but God will fashion anew our bodies at the resurrection and the righteous will receive eternal life.  People who have “sown to the flesh” will “reap corruption” (Gal. 6:8), but those who have “sown to the Spirit” will “reap everlasting life.”  To receive everlasting we must “fight the good fight of faith and lay hold on everlasting life” (1 Tim. 6:12).  Saved people have the “hope of eternal life” (Tit. 3:7). Of course, those who choose to persist in sin do not have the hope of eternal life (1 Jn. 3:15).  

Do you have eternal life?  Have you obeyed God's plan for salvation that leads to eternal life?  Are you worshipping in the right way so you can have eternal life?  Learn about the right way to receive eternal life from God TODAY!